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We strive to deliver the best services to the sports industry at an affordable price. 
Discover how we can help you in the brochure below:

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Sports Timing

We offer timing packages ready to go.  Click on your sport to see which packages we recommend

Our packages include:

Timing illustration.png



Camera Back Up


Remote Splits

Emails & Certificate

What if none of the packages suit my requirements?

Contact us at and we will prepare you a bespoke quote

Timing Chips

Reusable timing chips


Batons, Ankle chips an Shoe tags are ideal for smaller events up to 350 on a budget. 
Available in package 1 & 2

Disposable timing chips

Disposable timing chips are ideal for larger events, from 250 to thousands.  The chips which has a slightly better accuracy to reusables, is stuck to the bib/card/sticker.  Packages 3,4 & 5

Elite chips

Our most accurate chip, the active pro v3,  is ideal for elite events

Live Results

As we use equipment specifically designed for Sports timing, our results are available live.  If you use our online registration service, the results will populate live on our website and your portal.

We also provide lists in PDF, CSV and Excel

Our standard results lists are: In-race splits, Podium, Overall, Age Groups and Teams.

Of course, we can also make bespoke results lists based on your requirements.

As soon as the winners have finished, we will provide you with a list for presentations.

Post race, we post our finish line video to YouTube and send a personalised results email to all finishers.

Full pricing can be found by completing the event details on the order form below.

Order Form

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