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Participant FAQ's

What is a Chip Time?
A Chip Time is a result calculated by the time from when you started to when you finished.

What is the difference between Chip Time and Gun Time?
Gun time, is the time from the general start gun/whistle to your finish.  Whilst Chip time is from your personal start to the finish.

What result is used?
Generally gun time is used to seed mass races, whilst chip time is used to seed time trials and wave starts.

Which time do I take as my time?
Usually you can use the chip time as your personal time.

How do I change my details or transfer?
Please complete the change/update link in your confirmation email.  If your email doesn't contain this, please email us and we will send one.

I have a question about an event.

Please go to the 'Contact' tab on the registration page to find the organiser contact details.

I want to query my time.
Please contact us by email.  We will investigate the chip reads and cameras, then reply as soon as possible.

Organiser FAQ's

What is Chip Timing?
Chip Timing is a term used to electronically time an event.  The participant carries a chip, which triggers a time when going near an antenna.

What sports can be Chip Timed?
We can time any sport and will use a system to best match the sport.

What is re-useable timing Chip?
A re-useable timing chip is a timing chip that we own to be used multiple times.  Examples are shoes tags, ankle tags and batons.  We will loan the re-useable chips for you to distribute and recollect at your event.

What is a disposable timing chip?
A disposable timing chip is a timing chip that is given to a participant for the event, which is then disposed of afterwards.  Examples of these are bib chips and seatpost chips.

Do I need to provide power?
All of our systems are powered for 4-12 hours without electricity.  Our finish arch is self powered by a generator which can last up to 4 hours.  Obviously, if power is available, we may use it.

Do I need to provide you with a tent or room?
We pride ourselves working in the background, so will work quietly using our van, gazebo or trailer.  We set up near to the finish line.

When are results available?
We offer packages that give live results, whilst some packages only provide results at the end of the event.  Please see for further information.

What are live results?
When a person crosses a timing point, our system calculates a result based on the time.  This is done in real time and can be broadcast to our website, emailed, presented on a tv, print a receipt or send a text message.

Can I get a list of winners?
We will provide you a list of winners at the soonest point the information is available (live results or end of event).  The information will either be presented on an iPad, emailed, printed off or written down.

Can I check your availability?
All of our confirmed events events are listed on our 'Events' page.  We can generally cater for two events each day.

How do I place an order?
Please complete the Google Forms order form on our homepage, or request a pdf version from us by email.  Upon receiving your order, we will add you to our events calendar to confirm your booking.

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