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Celebrating 50 years of NSRRA, we bring you the opportunity to take part in one of its historic events!

The Track 10, is a 10 mile run based on the running track at Keele University.  Keeping in tradition, you need to bring a guest to count your laps (If you are struggling we can help)!

The event will be chip timed with lap info on a screen, and commentary keeping everyone informed.

The race starts at 6:45pm, with number pick up until 6:30pm.

Bring your family and picnic blankets (No Gazebos allowed).

All finishers will get a bespoke medal.

Refreshments will be available.

Date: 23rd July 2024
Time: 6:45pm
HQ: Keele University, ST5
Distance: 10 miles
Min Age: 17 on 23rd July 2024
Capacity: 200
Memento: Bespoke Medal

M/F: 1st, 2nd & 3rd
M: 40 - 80 (5 years)
F: 35 -  75 (5 years)
M/F Teams: 1st 3 
 Group Winners

Race Instructions
UKA Licence

Entry List
Live Results Portal

Price :
£15/17 (+£1.70 Admin Fee)
Lower rate to UKA Affiliated

Event T-shirt: £9.99
Event Hoody:

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