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Chip Timing

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UHF Timing

Self Powered

Camera Back Up

Live Results

Wifi & 4G

Receipts & Certs

Emails  & Post

Bib Printing

Winners Podium

Race Stuff

Trailer HQ 

Arch & Signs

Our aim is to make Event Timing affordable for all.  We have a transparent and honest pricing structure, with 5 packages to suit any budget.

If a package does not suit you, we will prepare a bespoke package.

Package 1

Small (No Chips)

Designed for small fun events (less than 100).  Our team will time the event using our in bespoke computer software.

From £120 + 2 Free Entries

Package 3

Economy Disposable

Ideal for events over 200 that need accurate finish line timing e.g Sportives & cross country races

From £1.44 Each + 2 Free

Package 5

Covid Secure

As per package 4,  but also includes bibs, postage & pins posted out to the race entrant before the event.

From £3.00 Each + 2 Free

Package 2

Re-Usable Chips

Our most popular package, Ideal for races up to 500 that need accurate timing e.g local runs & sportives 

From £240 + 2 Free Entries

Package 4

Premium Disposable

Ideal for large races over 200 that need accurate timing throughout e.g televised events & championships

From £2.10 Each + 2 Free


Extra Charges

£0.50 Each - On the day entry

£25 Travel: Cheshire, Shropshire, Derbyshire

£35 Travel: W. Mids, East Mids & Lancs

See Order Form

Compare Packages

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Split Points

(Included package 4 & 5)

Enhance Package 2 with optional split points on the course.

£50.00 each

Announcer Point

(Included package 4 & 5)

Enhance package 2, with an optional announcer mat & iPad.

£50.00 each

Finish Text

Text message sent to all finishers as they cross the line, confirming time & position.

£0.15 each

Finish Receipt

Finish time and details printed on thermal paper at the finish (Included in Package 4 & 5)

£0.10 each


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