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Live Tracking

We now offer a fully managed tracking service, using the latest trackers and software to show exact locations.

A tracking solution is ideal for:

Endurance sports

Managing resources and support

Adding to lead vehicles/bikes

Fully Managed

As a fully managed tracking service, we don't just provide you with the kit and software, we can also:

Monitor the software

Referee the event, based on your rules

Liaise with first aid and marshals

Attend the event

Distribute and re-collect the devices

Software & Maps

The small portable trackers will ping data to the servers as frequently as 5 seconds, updating the maps virtually live.  The software we use, hosted by Open Tracking has some great features, including:

Status of tracker

Direction of travel

Trail of route

Monitor on Mobile/Desktop

Numerous styles of map


We offer two kinds of tracker, dependent on your requirements.  The most popular is a GSM tracker.  The GSM tracker is small, lightweight and water resistant.  It has a sim card, which scans all of the mobile networks, meaning it has a strong reception in almost all of the UK.  If the participant temporarily hits a mobile dead spot, it will transmit data when signal is regained.

The alternative is a SPOT tracker, which is designed for use in the larger dead spots in the UK, like the Peak District, parts of Wales and the Lakes.  A SPOT tracker uses satellites to transmit data, so has full coverage in the UK.  It is slightly larger, but still portable and has a great battery.


GSM Tracker

Qty: 3-29

Hire of GSM Trackers, includes postage to one address and remote management.   

£15 each

GSM Tracker

Qty: 30+

Hire of GSM trackers,

attend site to manage tracking, referee and score event.

£15 each

SPOT Tracker

Qty: 3-29

Hire of SPOT Trackers, includes postage to one address and remote management.

£33 each

Site Management Upgrade

£95 per 6 hours

(Included with 30+ trackers and timing packages)

To include, select timing package 1 on order form.

Order Form

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